More Value From Your Time

Improve how you help your clients, through LegacyBook or in person, while adding value to each interaction.

At Your Fingertips

Quick and easy access to what you value. Life if not shoved in a drawer to be forgotten. Life happens and so should your legacy. Connect with your clients as life is happening, not just at their next review, and build a relationship with their family along the way.

Family First Mentality

Early family involvement in legacy planning assures your client’s family experiences a smoother wealth transfer. Start with delegating to family members access to key data points and important information while ensuring privacy for sensitive information.

Grow With the Family

As your clients’ families grow, so should your relationships. Form these relationships early to provide the best service and long-term value across each generation.

Transition With Family

Wealth transfer doesn’t have to be hard for you or your clients’ families. Retain their confidence, and preserve trust, by providing them the tools to keep their family legacy intact.