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    Simple and innovative building blocks

    for insurance and wealth services companies

    *by the team that brought you LegacyBook
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    Strategic implementation

    Your company is unique. One size does not fit all. Using only the SimBlox you need, we customize a solution with just the right fit.

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  • Better Decision Making

    Valuable insights, wholistic data, from the client to you.

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    Superior Client Experience

    We make a best class client experience possible by leverging your time with innovative technology.

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Sim BloxSimple & Synergic. Only choose what you need. Here are some examples.


New and timely referrals right from your client's app to your hands.

Branded Client App

Android and iOS client applications custom-fit to drive client engagement with less effort.

Gap AI

More opportunities are there. We can help you find them.


We provide seemless integration with your business sytems.

Wholistic Relevant Data

For the best decisions, data must be readily available anywhere, at any time and in a usable format.

Professional Collaboration

You are a key leader in your client's professional service team. We give you tools to be one of the most valuable team leaders.

Client Communication

Compliant client communication. Have you ever had a client forget to provide requested documents or information? SimBlox solves that.

Smart Dashboard

We provide your client a smart but simple user experience that adjusts to increase enagement and save you time.

Client Goals

Better understanding means better goals. We help you and your clients set adept goals, and give you the tools to track their progress.


Lines of Code




Major Layers of Security

Security and Compliance Blox

Data Encryption

With multiple levels of encryption, all data is encrypted completely – at rest and in motion. Backups are stored on non-publicly visible networks and are encrypted at rest.

Mobile Application Security

We prioritize security which is why we utilize enterprise-level mobile application security, including multi-factor authentication, code tampering detection, data encryption, code obfuscation and more.

Access Logging

SimBlox loggging allows us to provide the best performance and security monitoring. Our logging includes system actions as well as the logins and commands issued by our administrators.

Security Monitoring

The SimBlox infrastructure utilizes monitoring and analytics capabilities to identify any potential malicious activity. Any suspicious activity generates further protections, security responses, and any needed further investigations.

Physical Security

Our servers and databases are physically secured using top security practices including: 24/7 Physical security guard services, full CCTV monitoring, and biometric readers for multi-factor authentication, and battery and generator backups.

Role Based Access

The security and data integrity of customer blox is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, our technical support staff do not have direct access to the production servers where various backend services reside. Role based access control, which is logged with audit trails, are our watchwords.

Industry Compliance

We have utilized top wealth and insurance compliance experts to build our blox.

Data Compliance

Data privacy complaince is getting harder for companies to navigate. Our data privacy team brings peace of mind.


We utilize third-party tools and experts to audit our SimBlox to ensure data and industry compliance.

Meet our Leadership Servant leadership, value-driven, people-first

Dr. Paul Peloquin


David Thorne, MBA


Bryant Hernandez

Certified CISO

Joe Witte


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Why Choose Us

We help companies gather external customer data and combine it with internal data to create a unified data system that offers actionable customer insights.

Simple & Synergic Blox

Using SimBlox technology we can fit your exact needs in a timely fashion. But if you need granular customization -- great! We can do that too!

We take the time to understand your needs

We know one size does not fit all. You know your own needs better than anyone, but we are also here to answer your questions and provide expert advice and insight. Let's talk.

Superior Support

We take customer service very seriously. We really do want to talk with you. We handle our own customer service with our internal customer support team. Let us help you help your clients.

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